LCP - Avneet Gill - Associate Consultant

28th July 2023

Avneet Gill

Company: LCP
Job Title: Associate Consultant
Job Location: Winchester
University: Nottingham
University Course: Mathematics and Economics

What attracted you to your role?
Having studied Mathematics and Economics at the University of Nottingham, I was particularly interested in a role that utilised my mathematical skills while also allowing me to work with people to solve real-world problems. A career in pensions actuarial offered the perfect blend of applying my mathematical expertise in a practical and impactful way, along with exposure to clients and the opportunity to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Through my research, I discovered that a career in pensions actuarial is both challenging and diverse, with each day bringing new opportunities to learn and develop. The combination of mathematical application, varied responsibilities, and the chance to cultivate a well-rounded skill set were key factors that attracted me to this field.

Additionally, the people and culture at LCP were a significant draw for me. I was impressed by the company’s commitment to developing both technical and soft skills. The prospect of growing not only in my actuarial expertise but also in areas such as presentation and communication skills was highly appealing.

What are your main duties?
My main role as a pensions actuary involves a mixture of trustee and corporate work, catering to a diverse range of clients with various ongoing projects, which ensures that each day brings new challenges and opportunities. My responsibilities include managing day-to-day tasks for multiple clients, ensuring advice is delivered in a timely manner. As part of my role, I help calculate benefits for pension scheme members, evaluate scheme liabilities, and advise clients on their long-term goals for the pension scheme.

I collaborate closely with senior consultants and partners to deliver comprehensive advice to our clients. As well as working with junior team members to support their development and growth within the firm. A key part of my role involves attending client meetings to present our advice, helping clients make informed decisions about their pension schemes.

I am also currently working towards completing the actuarial exams, through my study package at LCP I get roughly one day a week to study and outside this balance my work life, social life and revision.

Outside of my core responsibilities, I co-chair the Multicultural Network at LCP. where I help plan events and initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company. Additionally, I help run and organise an LCP netball team that competes in a local league in Winchester, which is a great way to socialise with colleagues and remain active.
What skills are useful in this profession?
A career in pensions actuarial requires good numerical skills, problem-solving skills and a strong work ethic. Additionally, managing multiple projects simultaneously requires strong organisational skills to prioritize tasks effectively and ensure timely delivery of advice and reports. Collaboration is key in a consulting environment, where you often work closely with a wide range of peoples across various departments to provide comprehensive solutions to clients. Finally, being able to explain complex actuarial concepts and advice to clients in an understandable manner is vital. As clear and concise communication helps clients make informed decisions and builds trust in your expertise. Whether it’s through written reports or presentations, strong communication skills are essential.

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