Barnett Waddingham - Bhargav Patel - Trainee Pension Administration Consultant

9th August 2023

Bhargav Patel

Job Title: Trainee Pension Administration Consultant
Job Location: Cheltenham
University: Aston University
University Course: Human Biology

Why did you apply for Barnett Waddingham?
The resounding factor that influenced my decision to apply for Barnett Waddingham was the opportunities offered for personal career development. There are great pathways available for learning and a lot of support for you to do so. 

What was the recruitment process like?
The recruitment process was smooth, with a member of the recruitment team available to speak to regularly. The assessment day was not as stressful as I had originally imagined and the activities that were planned out were quite enjoyable.

What have been your highlights?
A personal highlight of mine is having the chance to speak to members of pension schemes who call in and make a genuine difference. One particular member left me some good feedback after a discussion, which was recognised by a partner of the company. 

I have also enjoyed my rotations to various business areas, which has given me the chance to work with other colleagues and see how the wider company operates. 

What have been your challenges?
Coming from a background with no prior experience in pensions has been a steep learning curve, it was certainly overwhelming at first. However, there were plenty of resources to help, along with many other colleagues to ask questions to.

What advice would you give to a student following in your footsteps?
My advice would be to maintain a positive attitude and to remain enthusiastic while learning the ropes. A willingness to learn will go a long way, and with some notes, training modules and asking plenty of questions you’ll get there in no time

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