Banner site locations

The table below explains which pages are assigned to each site location.

Site locations Page title/description PC/Sell
Candidates Candidate pages are any pages which have a URL that begin…  plus news Sell
ClientCMS For Recruiters PC only
Fullwidth Rate Card PC only
Homepage Home PC or premium
Job Results Find Jobs Sell
Job View Job details (accessed by viewing a job in full) PC only
Subpages About Us PC only
Career Advice
Careers in Pensions for Students and Graduates
Contact us
CV Tips
Handing in your Notice
Interview Techniques
Pensions Qualifications
Pensions Salaries
Privacy Policy
Psychometric Testing
Terms and conditions

Note: to place a PenCa leaderboard on the Recruiter A-Z or Company Page use 'Company Profile Page - Leaderboard' image type.

Note: the table above is static - if an admin user has reassigned a page to a new site location or added/deleted a page then the change(s) won't automatically show up here. Please use the CMS Page Manager functionality to check which site location (page group) a specific page is assigned to.

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