Handing in your Notice

Congratulations on being offered your new position.  Now the daunting task of handing in your notice.

Sometimes this stage can be more harrowing than the interview - especially if you've been with your present company for a long time. 


Once you've received your offer letter from your new company, you need to prepare to hand in your notice.

Try not to feel guilty about resigning - remember the reasons why you decided to leave.  It's likely those reasons are not going to change.

The Meeting

Remember companies are often shocked and upset to lose a good member of staff and they can be caught unaware when you hand in your notice. Therefore you must keep the meeting professional and show your appreciation for your time spent with the company. Agree your leaving date and the date you will be paid for outstanding wages, etc. Don't forget to ask for a written reference.

The meeting should be very straightforward, especially if you show from the start that your mind is made up.  If you show any doubt about your decision, it will be picked up on.

The following outlines some company 'tactics' that you should be aware of:

Above All

If you have any serious doubts about whether you are 'doing the right thing, PLEASE talk to us. Moving to a new company is challenging and exciting, but can still feel daunting. Just remember your new company will be counting on you joining. They may also like to hear from you from time to time to feel confident that everything is going to plan.

Your Rights

You will want to leave your company on amicable and ideally positive terms, but how do you know when you have an employment contract that is unreasonable or you risk losing your new job because of fears of bad references? The information below serves as a guideline only. If you have an irreconcilable dispute, please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor for further advice.


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