Barnett Waddingham - Rumbi Mandizvidza - Trainee Pension Administration Consultant

10th August 2023

Rumbi Mandizvidza

Company: Barnett Waddingham
Job Title: Trainee Pension Administration Consultant
Job Location: Leeds
University: University of Leicester
University Course: BA Economics and MSc Actuarial Science and Data Analytics

Why did you apply for Barnett Waddingham?
Barnett Waddingham is a firm that always aim to do the right thing with their clients and employees ensure the highest level of trust, integrity, and quality. These are qualities that I respect and implement in everyday life. Hence why Barnett Waddingham was a perfect fit for me.

What was the recruitment process like?
The recruitment process was well structured and planned efficiently. There were no delays or complications which hindered the recruitment process. There was good communication throughout the process, and it was easy to raise questions if additional information was needed. 

What have been your highlights?
In the first year working in Barnett Waddingham, the graduates had the opportunity to travel to the Birmingham, Leeds, and London offices. This was a great opportunity to see the outstanding working environment the company offers throughout various offices in the UK. Visiting these offices also gave the graduates an opportunity to social network and team-build throughout the year. 

What have been your challenges?
I have recently had a difficult conversation with a vulnerable member of a scheme we administer. This was challenging as I had to ensure that effective communication was delivered and ensure empathy and care was given throughout the conversation. Barnett Waddingham provide training on how to deal with difficult conversations with vulnerable members and colleagues. I took notes during this training, and this helped me know how to deal with the difficult conversation I had with the vulnerable member.

What advice would you give to a student following in your footsteps?
  • Be prepared to learn new skills.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand.
  • Be prepared for career growth and always look for ways to improve your skills.

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